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New Gene Discovery, a Breakthrough in Men’s Birth Control

Written on May 25, 2012 by Lulu

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Katnal1, a gene that if blocked, temporarily stops sperm production and may also solve men infertility

A new gene discovery made by scientist in Edinbergh is set to be a breakthrough in and infertility. The team disovered the gene , that is essential for sperm production.

This new gene was used to “regulate a structure known as microtubules – parts of sperms that needed for support and the acquisition of nutrients.” This gene, if blocked, also temporatily stops sperm production. This discovery may lead to the produce a new “birth control” pill. The scientists also discovered that this gene can also help solve men infertility.

A researcher said:

“As we move towards personalized medicine, comparing DNA sequences of infertile men against gene data provided from studies such as this will help clinicians identify the causes underlying unexplained male infertility. If a genetic fault can be traced to a problem within the supporting cells of the testes rather than the sperm cells then it could be possible to use a gene-therapy approach to replace the faulty copy of the gene and restore fertility.”

This study is definitely a one fabulous breakthrough in the world of science!

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