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21 Year Old Student Suffers from Button Phobia

Written on June 24, 2012 by Lulu

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Late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs suffers the same phobia and wore button-free sweaters

, a 21 year old student, is suffering from “”, or in layman’s term, fear of buttons.

Matthews faces panic whenever she is faced with button fastenings and runs away if it is near her.

She was five years old when this condition struck her. She refused to wear her school blouse.

Matthews said:

“I know it’s irrational and I obviously know a button can’t hurt me but there’s just something about the shape and the texture that freaks me out.”

She is currently undergoing counseling for her to control her fear.

“It used to affect my chances in job interviews but now, if someone is wearing buttons, I try to control my reaction.” Matthews added.

Though she can now manage to control her reactions, she is still unable to touch them or allow them to go near her.

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