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440 Lbs. Woman’s Corpse Causes Fire in Crematorium

Written on June 07, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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A crematorium in Austria was nearly destroyed in Fire after a burning fat from the body of an obese woman blocked an air filter.

A crematorium in Graz, Austria was almost destroyed by fire last April. Investigators found out that the dead body of an obese woman may be the cause.

According to them, the burning fat from the corpse of a 440 lbs. blocked an air filter, that caused the filter system to overheat. The firefighters were able to control the fire by shooting water through the crematorium’s vents. The damage will cause the crematorium to be unoperational for several days.

“In Switzerland, there is now a special crematorium for XXL-bodies,” Former Graz city fire chief Otto Widetschek. Widetschek also added that a special crematoria for obese people should be set up in Austria, to avoid such disasters from happening again.

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