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Bear Ate Corpse of a Convicted Murderer

Written on June 02, 2012 by Lulu

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The body of 53-year-old Rory Nelson Wagner, a convicted murderer was found dismembered on a remote logging road in Canada.

The body of a convicted murderer was eaten by a bear, Canadian officials have confirmed.

The deceased was 53-year-old Rory Nelson Wagner, a convicted murderer. His remains was found dismembered and partially consumed on a remote logging road in B.C., Canada.

Wagner was missing since May 23. He was convicted of second-degree murder and started his sentence on May 31, 1996 by the Correctional Services of Canada. He had recently been granted day parole.

According to Patrick Storey of the NPB Pacific office:

“They let people know when they’re expected to return, if they’re going to be late they’re expected to phone and of course he didn’t return. They were aware that he was missing, however they weren’t aware until recently that he was deceased.”

Hunters spotted Wagner’s vehicle parked at a remote logging called Mounties. His body was found hidden beneath some brush. Officials also believe that he was already dead when he was approached by the bear. The bear may have dragged his body out of the car window and ate him afterwards.

This incident is a serious concern for B.C. environment minister and conservation officers who are hunting the bruin.

Minister Terry Lake said:

“The concern is once it has lost its fear of humans, then others it comes into contact with would be at risk and this is an area well-used for hiking and fishing and there’s ranching up there as well.”

Traps have been set and conservation officers are on the hunt to catch this black bear. Wagner’s body will go under a preliminary autopsy to determine if there was “any trauma or any natural disease that caused his death.”

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