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Believers Swallow Live Fish To Cure Asthma in India

Written on June 10, 2012 by Lulu

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Thousands of people line-up in an Indian stadium to swallow live sardines smeared with a yellow herbal paste

Around 70,000 people have rushed into a stadium in Southern India, in hopes to receive a cure for their breathing problems.

The , has drawn legions of people to believe that their secret fish and herbal formula, which they claim to have received from a Hindu saint about 170 years ago, can heal asthma. The family gives away ther secret concoction for free annually and refuses to reveal the mix. The cure seems to be a live sardine smeared with a yellow herbal paste.

The stadium was bombarded by legions of believers. The Hyderabad police reported that a man died of a heart attack and a great number of people were having difficulty breathing and sought medical attention after waiting hours for their free treatment.

The Gouds advice their patronizers to stay away from eating fried foods after receiving their live and to maintain a strict diet of “25 different foods, including lamb, rice, white sugar, dried mango, spinach and clarified butter.”

The family holds their yearly mission on a day chosen by astrologers.

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