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Bishop Resigns After Being Caught Fooling Around With Woman On Beach

Written on June 30, 2012 by Lulu

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Argentine Bishop Fernando Bargallo, reportedly admitted to having a relationship with the woman he was seen cavorting in the beach

of the Argentine diocese of Merlo-Moreno, was seen in photographs cavorting with a blonde woman in a bikini. at a luxury resort in Mexico.

The woman who he was seen embracing, was initially claimed by the bishop as his “longtime friend”, but later reportedly admitted as someone he had a relationship with.

The has already accepted Bargallo’s resignation.

This news coincided with the ousting of the , a Venetian priest who founded the Villaregia Missionary Community in Italy. Prandin apparently had sex with female missionaries when he was posted in South America.

Prandin’s co-founder, Sister was also ousted for her cover-up of the priest’s sexual liaisons.

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