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Happy Thoughts Means Longer Life

Written on June 02, 2012 by Lulu

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A new study show that people who are over 95 years old are optimistic people

The secret to a longer is , this is according to a .

looked at over 95 years old and observed that most of them are people. They are posivite people, upbeat and relaxed in all aspects of life.

One researcher said:

“When I started working with centenarians, I thought we’d find that they survived so long in part because they were mean and ornery. But when we assessed the personalities of these 243 centenarians, we found qualities that clearly reflect a positive attitude towards life. Most were outgoing, optimistic and easygoing. They considered laughter an important part of life and had a large social . They expressed emotions openly rather than bottling them up.”

“Nevertheless, our findings suggest that centenarians share particular personality traits and that genetically-based aspects of personality may play an important role in achieving both and exceptional .”

Studies also show that around 53,000 people in the U.S. are over 100 years old and this number increases by 8% every year.

Stay happy and live longer!

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