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LED Guitar Teaches People to Play the Guitar [Video]

Written on June 27, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Fretlight guitar is embedded with LED lights, that guides learners which strings to place your fingers on

Learning how to play the won’t be as difficult with the , an amazing that makes it possible for beginners to have a fun learning experience.

ThisĀ  Fretlight guitar is embedded with LED lights into the neck of the guitar, that lights up and allows learners which string to place your fingers on. It can also be connected to a PC or Mac. It goes with a free Fretlight software, that contains lessons, songs and interactive videos which all the guitar.

Get your basic Fretlight guitar for $399.99 and a professional model for $1199.99.

Check out the Fretlight guitar in the video below:

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