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Man Gets Jailed For Wearing Baggy Pants in Court

Written on June 16, 2012 by Lulu

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Durrell Brooks was sentenced to three days in Jail for violating court room dresscode.

Municipal Court Judge of Lorain, Ohio has sentenced a man to three days in jail, for appearing in court wearing saggy pants in court.

The man arrested was . He was in court to attend a friend’s traffic violation hearing. Judge Mihok saw Brook approaching the bench, wearing baggy pants, with his underwear showing. Brook was the third person to be detained for courtroom dress code violation.

Mihok said in an interview, that the courtroom rules that he imposes are not unreasonable and added:

“They’re all adults who come into this court, so they should know how to dress themselves at this point. I hope it’s a fad that ends soon. At least you have to have your pants up. I don’t think I’ve set the bar too high.”

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