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Meat Flavored Beer Made Especially for Dogs

Written on June 27, 2012 by Lulu

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Bowser Beer, a beer designed for your dogs, that contains no alcohol, hops or carbon

, a family owned business, has created a line of beer, made especially for your canine friends.

is an alcohol free beer that contains no hops or carbon, so you can be assured that your pet will not get drunk and harmed. It contains malt barley and Glucosamine that is good  for your dog’s health.

This specialty goes in two meaty flavors, ‘’ and ‘’. The chicken and beef used to create the brew is USDA-certified.

The dog beer can be fed to your dog out of the bottle, mixed to their water, pour over dry kibble and poured over crushed ice for a cold treat to your pets.

You can purchase the Bowser Beer online via for $19.99 for a 6- pack of each flavor or a mix of both. Pet owners can also have labels of the beer bottle customized for $29.99. It is also available in selected pet shops across the U.s. and in the pet department of Harrod’s in London.

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