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Plans for Luxury Floating Island Unveiled

Written on June 22, 2012 by Lulu

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ORSOS Islands, the luxury floating island, can be yours for around 3.6 million euros for the most basic model

An Austrian company, led by entrepreneur , has unveiled its plans for a  , called “”.

Orsós originally planned to put up an exclusive, high-quality hotel chain based on floating platforms, but he expanded his idea because he wants to reach a broader audience.

Orsós said:

“With the progress of the project it became clear that the attractive and unusual concept of Orsos Islands should not be limited to only a selected group of people.”

“Orsos Islands should reach a much broader audience, people with an awareness of modern life and a feeling of responsibility towards the environment.”

The is set to have around 1,000 m² of living space, with six double bedrooms with bathrooms and a restaurant area. It features a bar, sundeck area, jacuzzi and an aquarium. It can room up to 12 residents, including accommodations for up to four staff members. It is described as “more comfortable than just about any luxury yacht”.

It will be an eco-friendly island, powered by a noiseless wind energy system and extensive solar panels.

The luxury island can be customized to fit the customer’s taste, with the basic model costing as much as 3.6 million euros (£2.91m).

This ambitious project should be available to the public by the end of 2013.

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