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Public Swearing Illegal in Massachusetts Town

Written on June 14, 2012 by Lulu

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The town of Middleborough, Massachusetts outlaws public swearing

, a member of Middleborough, Massachusetts beautification committee, submits an ordinance that outlaws public swearing. Public cursers will be fined with $20 ticket.

DuPhily, 63 years old, apparently lobbied for the ordinance after becoming upset after hearing local teenagers cursing loud while hanging out in their town.

DuPhily said in an interview:

“We’re not talking about just conversation but screaming it across the street. Dropping F-bombs and so on. It was the same group of kids. It was very irresponsible behavior, and it was getting out of hand.”

“It does not affect you if you are sitting at a cafĂ©. It only affects you if you are verbally abusing someone across the street.”

The law ordinance does not mention which curses are specifically banned and the Police can decide if will ticket an offender.

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