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Thailand’s Got Talent Contestant Use Breasts To Paint [Video]

Written on June 19, 2012 by Lulu

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Thai Woman shocked the show judges and stunned audience as she removed her top and doused her breasts with paint

Thailand’s Got Talent’s recent episode, featured a contestant that left the audience and show judges stunned.

, a 23 year old Thai woman, went on stage looking demure in a checkered shirt and jeans. She even spoke to the judges politely. To start her performance, she removed her top and doused her naked torso and her breasts with paint, using it to paint the canvas.

One judge, the lone woman in the panel, walked off the set in disgust, while the two male judges deemed her performance as a “form of artistic expression” and advanced her to the next round.

The girl’s performance earned the ire of Thailand’s minister of culture, Sukumol Khunploem. She said that it was against their country’s conservative culture.

Minister Sukumol added that “There must be limits to artist expression.” She also said that she is planning to meet with the show producers soon, to get an explanation.

Check out the video below:

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