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Travelers Must Have: USB Rechargeable Razor

Written on June 19, 2012 by Lulu

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ShaveTech has created a powerful and portable shaver that can be recharged using a USB port

If you’re a busy traveler who is in need of gadgets that make your life easier, then ’s powered is perfect for you.

Shavetech is offering a line of , USB rechargeable razor for the people on the go. You no longer need to look for a power outlet to use your razor. All you need is to plug it into any standard USB port and ta-da, you have a recharged razor.

According to Shavetech’s website, this unique is stylish, powerful and lightweight. It is also compact, so it doesn’t eat up much space. If you’re not charging the ’s USB port hides into the razor itself.

Purchase Shavetech’s USB razor online or selected retailers in U.S. and Canada for $39.99.

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