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Why People Find KFC’s Cheese Topped Chicker Burger Bizaare

Written on June 28, 2012 by Lulu

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KFC Philippines launches a chicken burger with cheese placed to top of the hamburger bun.

’s first ever cheese topped chicken burger was introduced in the Philippines and has earned extreme reactions from online consumers who find this new product weird.

KFC’s “Cheese Top Burger” is made of a chicken patty with garlic parmesan dressing and a melted cheese placed on top of the hamburger bun. Critics could not believe why the fast chain came up with such idea.

The introduction of the “Cheese Top Burger” illicited good and bad reactions, posted in KFC Philippine’s Facebook Page.

One said:
“Hey why don’t you try to put the a bun in the middle of two patty’s… Or or or… Wrap the burger in lettuce and tie it with a strip of bacon… Or maybe dip the whole burger into ketchup! Endless ideas!”

Another one posted:
“As much as I love KFC, the person who thought of this is sick in the head.”

While some people were more measured in their judgments.

“I am not a burger man, but I tried it yesterday, and it is simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E,” said a happy KFC customer.

“You don’t have to touch the cheese, it has a wrapper. Anyway, I tried this for dinner, it was so nice. I love the mix of garlic-y taste and cheese!” Another satisfied customer said.

KFC’s Cheese Top Burger may look weird but it sure does look yummy!

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