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Woman Arrested for Sneaking in Boyfriend’s Apartment in a Suitcase

Written on June 10, 2012 by Lulu

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Kola J. McGrath, was previously banned from entering boyfriend's apartment complex.

Kola J. McGrath, a 59 year old woman from Oregon, hid in a suitcase to enter her boyfriend, Curtis T. Lowe’s apartment.

It’s been months since workers and a courtesy clerk from 333 Oak Apartments, were suspicious of a man who kept on entering the apartment complex with a pink rolling suitcase.

McGrath was arrrested for trespassing, after a worker from Lowe’s place of residence, reported to the police that “A man kidnapped a woman, put her in a pink suitcase and took it into the apartments.”

The police discovered that the man, was Lowe, McGrath’s boyfriend who used the suitcase to sneak her into his unit. Apparently, McGrath was banned from entering the apartment premises after she broke a fire extinguisher case during an argument with Lowe.

Officers searched Lowe’s place and found the pink suitcase in the living room and found McGrath hiding in the closet.

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