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Woman Gets Super Glued to a Toilet in Walmart

Written on June 28, 2012 by Lulu

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A woman gets glued to a toilet seat in a Walmart bathroom in Kentucky

An unindentified woman gets stuck in a toilet in a bathroom in Walmart, Kentucky.

The woman was super glued to the toilet and found herself stuck in it for an hour. Paramedics came to her rescue after someone heard her screaming and reported the incident. She was then rushed to a hospital emergency room, with the toilet still stuck to her buttocks.

Police suspect that the gluing incident was done on purpose. This is not the first time a person got glued to a toilet seat at Walmart. Last March, a man in Maryland got himself into similar situation.

Lt. of the Elkton Police Department in Kentucky said that the perpetrator can face the charge of second-degree assault.

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