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Woman Takes Child Out of Car Set to Strap in Gas Can

Written on June 06, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Colorado mother removed her child from a car seat to make room for a gas can.

The Colorado police has cited a woman for a seat belt violation and was taken aback when he saw something else. The woman and her two children, a 14 year old and a toddler were not all wearing seat belts.

The mother of two, removed her toddler child out of his car seat and strapped in a gas can instead. She was pulled over by a police officer during a routine traffic stop, when they discovered this hilarious and dangerous situation.

Aurora Police spokesman Frank Fania said that “This could be one of the extreme incidents we’ve ever seen.” The Colorado Department of Transportation posted the photo to their official Facebook account to encourage users to “share it to remind everyone that life is precious, so please be responsible and make sure children are properly restrained in the appropriate child safety seat.”

A lot of people posted their message of disgust through the Facebook comment section. Some even thought that the photo was staged.

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