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$165,000 Ferrari Features a Luxurious Leather Exterior

Written on July 16, 2012 by Lulu

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Rich car owner had his Ferrari Ferrari F430 customized with a leather finish

Luxury car customization specialist, Dartz, was commissioned by a rich client to have his $165,000 worth, , completely covered in leather.

Dartz is a company based in the French Riviera. They knew that they could finish this task without any problems.

“One of our very rich customers from the Cote d’Azur wanted a leather exterior and knew we could deliver.”  said company owner, Leonard Yankelovich.

They once created a bulletproof SUV with seats made from whale foreskin. They were also hired by the producers of the film, The Dictator, to make three gold-plated Dartz Aladeen Edition Prombons for the movie.

Yankelovich said that it took them 16 days to furnish the car with a leather exterior.

“It took three of my staff 16 working days to apply the leather and finish. He was more than happy when he picked it up.”

Yankelovich did not reveal how they applied the leather to the $165,000 and said that it is a company secret. He also said that the leather is genuine, but described it as “something in between leather and vinyl”.

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