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Alleged “Buxom Bandit” Turns Herself in

Written on July 10, 2012 by Lulu

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Tonee Walker, the woman who claims to be the "Buxom Bandit" has surrendered to the Australian Police

The busty blonde also known as the “” has turned herself in to the Australian Police.

, 22, claims that she is the voluptuous blonde who stole from a gas station in Queensland, Australia. Walker was charged with one count each of armed robbery and stealing.

Walker, along with her alleged getaway driver, Alexander Joshua Spinks, appeared in court last Friday, after turning themselves over to the Police.

Spinks said that Walker intentionally exposed her healthy cleavage “so that the gas station clerk had something to look at.”

The judge opposed to Walker’s bail plea. Walker is under probation for drug offenses and is showing an “erratic and violent” behavior. The authorities believe that Walker is battling drug and alcohol problems, which can be seen on her erratic Facebook status updates.

Chris Rossiter, Walker’s lawyer, said that she is embarassed with her actions:

“She’s aware of all the notoriety she’s received – it wasn’t something she set out to achieve. It’s been devastating for the family. It just seems out of character.”

The “Buxom Bandit” became a viral phenomenon after a surveillance video appeared in the internet, showing a knife wielding, blonde woman wearing a cleavage revealing, low cut top while stealing from a gas station. She was mocked for her carelessness, after she left her face uncovered and wearing only one gloves, allowing her to leave a possible fingerprints.

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