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Brad Pitt’s Brother Now An Endorser of Virgin Mobile

Written on July 05, 2012 by Lulu

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Doug Pitt makes fun of himself in his new commercial for Virgin Mobile Australia

’s less famous brother is the new face of .

’s new commercial portrays him as a regular guy by showing off his humble suburban home. He even shows people an insight to his normal life by sharing his simple hobbies and gadgets. Doug wants people to know that his life is far from his brother’s glamorous lifestyle through his commercial.

The ad is accompanied by this message:

“This is Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family. Unlike his brother, Doug’s not a super star, he’s never been featured on the front page and never made big bucks from a endorsement. Virgin Mobile believe in a fair go for all, and want your help to make things a little fairer in the Pitt family. Visit and show Doug some ‘like.”

Check out this funny TV ad below:

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