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Chinese Hairdresser Cuts Hair With Eyes Closed

Written on July 07, 2012 by Lulu

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Tian Hao, claims to use zen meditation to cut the hair of customers, while his eyes are shut

Chinese hairdresser, , makes it to the headlines for his unique cutting method. He cuts while his eyes are closed.

Tian claims that he makes use of zen meditation to feel the aura of his clients, enabling him to cut their hair with out hurting them.

Tian makes use of sharp scissors to cut his clients hair. After a , he uses a vacuum cleaner to style the client’s hairdo instead of a blow dryer. He says: “Not only does it layer the hair perfectly, but is also sucks up all the clippings too.”

The Chinese hairstylist may look like a beggar but his haircuts actually cost a fortune. He charges 3,900 yuan ($610) for men and 3,600 ($570) yuan for women. He also does not offer discounts. He said that people only get “discounts at the supermarket.”

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