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Doctor Removes 5-inch Worm From Man’s Eye

Written on July 01, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Indian national, PK Krishnamurthy, went to visit his doctor because his right eye was hurting and twitching

This man never thought a worm was the root of his medical problem.

75 year old Indian national, PK Krishnamurthy, dropped by his doctor to have his right eye checked because it was painful and twitching.

His physician Dr V. Seetharaman had the shock of his life when his examined Krishnamurthy eye and saw a wriggling worm.

Seetharaman said:

“It was wriggling there under the conjunctiva. It was the first time in my career of 30 years that I had seen such a case.”

The 5-inch parasite was removed by making a small opening in the conjunctiva, a 15-minute procedure, which was witnessed by the patient’s wife, Saraswati.

Saraswati said:

“It just kept moving and jumping; it was scary for a bit.”

Dr. Seetharaman said that the patient was fortunate to have it removed because “it could have entered the patient’s brain and caused major neurological problems.”

The worm lived for another 30 minutes after the surgery and was sent to to the hospital’s microbiologists to be examined and identified.

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