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German Mayor Puts Up Easy Parking Spots For Women in His Town

Written on July 16, 2012 by Lulu

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Mayor Gallus Strobel puts up wider parking spaces in his town because he feels that men are better at parking than women.

The Black Forest town of , Germany offers . The town’s new car park comes with parking spaces for women that are wider and well lit, compared to the parking spaces for men that are close to concrete pillars and harder to park your car into.

This parking design can be credited to town mayor, Gallus Strobel. Strobel feels that men are better at parking than women.

In a recent interview, Mayor Strobel said:

“In the new car park we found that two place were not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars; that makes parking difficult so we decided to allocate them to men.”

Strobel also defends his self from accusations of being a sexist and added that some women are also great drivers and are welcome to try and park their cars in the men-only spaces.

The mayor also pointed out that he was being fair to women because the new car park offers 10 spaces reserved to women, while there are only wo for men.

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