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Lady Considers Rocks As Her Comfort Food

Written on July 16, 2012 by Lulu

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Teresa Widener, mother of two has a weird compulsion to eat rocks

, a 45-year-old, mother of two, munches on stones and pebbles for the past 20 years. She suffers from a medical condition called Pica, an obsessive compulsion to eat strange objects.

Animals like wolves and turtles eat rocks to aid indigestion. However, this habit is rarely practiced by humans.

Mrs. Widener considers rocks as her “ultimate comfort food” and started taking her habit seriously since marrying her husband Jim, last year. She keeps her stash of stones in a special kitchen cupboard. She selects her weird snacks while taking a stroll with her husband.

“Jim makes me so happy I’ve started eating less. But everyone has bad days and when I have one, only rocks can make me feel better.” Mrs. Widener said.

She adds that her favorite are rocks that are soft and brittle. She breaks them down in small pieces using a special rock hammer.

“I pick the ones I like the look of. I like their earthy flavour so sometimes I just suck the mud straight off.”

She has eaten more than 1,360kg of rocks, since she started her bizaare habit.

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