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Luxury Apartment, Provides Residents With Private Pools On Their Balconies

Written on July 13, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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The Bandra Ohm residential building in Mumbai, India showcases individual swimming pools on every balcony

Reknowned Architect, has designed the in , an building that showcases mini-infinity pools in each unit.

Law makes use of a stunning concept called “Ohm”, a common ‘holy meditation’ symbol of Hinduism and also Buddhism. The 30-story Bandra Ohm tower includes individual swimming pools on every , that looks like two cascading waterfalls, from afar. Each mini-infinity pools feature a glass enclosure that gives residents a priceless view of the city, while they swim.

The Bandra Ohm tower “aims to provide luxurious and comfortable environment.”

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