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Professional Cuddler Cuddles and Snuggles Customers for $60 Per Hour

Written on July 13, 2012 by Lulu

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The Snuggery, a unique business that offers total strangers to get non-sexual cuddling and snuggling

If you’re feeling lonely and feel the need to cuddled and snuggled, a unique business offers you the same experience but for a price.

is owned by Jacqueline Samuel. She set up this business, just last month. She started thinking about it during the start of grad school. She and her sisters tried selling hugs on the street $1 each and earned up to $80 a day.

Samuel adds:

“What I like to do is cuddle, so I figured it was a good thing to do. A lot of people didn’t like the idea so I figured it would be kind of an underground small-scale operation and provide a little extra income,”

Her business according to her website, “is a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on the simple restorative pleasure of touch.”

Though Samuel is not yet a certified Professional Cuddler, she has studied has the “Cuddle Sutra” and is versed in over 100 non-sexual positions. Her business offers non -and-, where she charges $60 per hour for a one-on-one session with her.

An FAQ section was also added to her website to clarify issues about her :

Q. Do we meet before we snuggle?
A. Yes, we do meet briefly prior to snuggling in order to make sure that we’re both comfortable and that our expectations are compatible.


Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session?
A. Don’t worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.


Q. Do clothes/pajamas always stay on for the duration of our session?
A. Absolutely! Nudity is not permitted.

Samuel also said that most of her clients respect her boundaries. Though she and her cuddling customer are alone together in a room during sessions, more people surround her house, for safety reasons.

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