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The Amazing Spider-Man, Topples The Avengers in Overseas Box Office Records

Written on July 01, 2012 by Lulu

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The Amazing Spider-Man earns $50.2 million in its movie debut in 13 Countries

Who would have thought that the latest Spider-man movie could beat in terms of earnings in its weekend debut?

made its way to 13 Countries this weekend and earned a whopping amount of $50.2 million in the box office.

In alone, the movie garnered a 24% bigger opening than its predecessor, , and 10% more than The Avengers, with a box office earnings of $13.4 million.

While in it raked $6.0 million during its debut, earning 3% more than The Avengers, making it the biggest opening for a movie in the country.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set to debut in the U.S. and the rest of the world this July 3.

Check out the movie’s earnings overseas:

KOREA earned $13.4M on 1,213 screens

JAPAN opened with $11.4M on 1,092 screens

INDIA grossed $6.0M on 1,236 screens

PHILIPPINES bowed with $3.2M on 529 screens

TAIWAN did $2.9M on 268 screens

HONG KONG earned $2.7M on 158 screens

SINGAPORE grossed $2.5M on 128 screens

THAILAND opened to $1.9M on 320 screens

VIETNAM grossed $425K on 41 screens

GERMANY grossed an estimated $4.2M on 755 screens

HOLLAND earned $850K on 113

AUSTRIA opened to $480K on 85

SWITZERLAND did $290K on 130

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