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Art Exhibit Lets Real-Life Sleeping Beauties Find Their Prince Charming [Video]

Written on August 25, 2012 by Lulu

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Ukraine's "Sleeping Beauty" art exhibit binds real-life sleeping beauties who are woken by a suitor's true love's kiss to marry.

’s controversial , called the “” has real-life sleeping maidens who are waiting to be woken up by a true love’s kiss. Once these beauties open their eyes with a suitor’s kiss, they are contractually bound to marry each other.

Canadian-Ukrainian artist , has chosen a group of young ladies to be a part of his unique installation, earlier this month. Each women has agreed to lie down on a pedestal-like bed, for three days. These women volunteered in hopes to find the one true love. They have all signed a contract stating that once they open their eyes while being kissed by any male visitors.

The exhibit’s press release describes the show:

““The tension of the performance is in the seductiveness and fear of the ultimate moment,”

“The viewer will have to think twice before kissing the Beauty. The Beauty will have to decide if the ultimate moment has come or not. The show will end the moment the Beauty opens her eyes.”

Polataiko, hopes that his exhibit will produce a love match between the sleeping beauties and her suitors. “I hope they(suitors) come, so it will be more interesting for the beauties. But I really don’t know. It’s a really serious thing, it’s marriage,” he adds.

Both sleeping beauties and their suitors must be above 18 years old and single. They both should have the sincere desire to get married.

The art exhibit was almost shut down by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture. After several meetings between the ministry and the museum, the art show pushed through and the ladies are now free to find their destiny.

The “Sleeping Beauty” exhibit started last August 22 and will run until September 9.


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