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Bicyle Mobile Bar Moves its Way Around London

Written on August 30, 2012 by Lulu

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London-based entrepreneurs make gin and tonic cocktails, straight from their bicycle.

and , the successful entrepreneurs behind , offers Londoners gin and tonic through their mobile bar.

They offer a unique bar experience without hurting the environment, since their mobile operation does not require the use of power and is free of emissions. They can easily park anywhere and set up in outdoor places.

Godden adds,  “It’s easy for us to park up and serve in the most remote outdoor places for parties.”

They store their alcoholic concoctions in a basket at the rear of the bicycle. It contains limes, mixers, spice, and a curated selection of local gins.

The business partners got the idea to put up their mobile business in 2011, after a cycling trip that Lewis made from to Amsterdam.

“Joe took an old butcher bicycle for the journey, and attached a spirit optic to the front of the frame. He served drinks when they stopped off for the evening…it all developed from there.” Godden said.

They have since cycled their way to different events, including the London Festival of Architecture and at The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. They have also served customers at street markets, store openings, music festivals, and various private functions like weddings.

The two are also planning to hold an indoor pop-up bar for the upcoming winter season.

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