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IKEA Customers in China Make Themselves a Little Too Much at Home [Video]

Written on August 10, 2012 by Lulu

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Customers in IKEA China can be found hanging out the whole day at the store, even sleeping on furniture that are on display

If you get the chance to walk in to the store in , you might mistake it for an airport lounge. Apparently their Chinese customers have made themselves feel too much at home. They are seen napping and lounging around on furniture that are on display.

Some of their customers hang out in the store just to enjoy the store’s cool air conditioning on a hot summer day, instead of buying their products.

IKEA Store Shanghai’s security guard said:

“Some of them even come in once the store opens in the morning, and won’t leave until the store closes in the evening,”

Though the store employees are bothered with their customer’s behavior, the company has still not taken steps to prevent people who make themselves “a little too much at home” from using their furniture to their whim. They see the situation as a “future investment”. They feel that once that they can afford to purchase their products, they will come back and buy something.

Based on reports, many Chinese people plan their day on IKEA, driving miles just to visit the store and hang out.

Posters in a Chinese micro blogging service, Sina Weibo, commented:

“From age 0 to 80, each of them has fallen into a rapturous sleep! Even on those beds that are not occupied, sheets are in a mess after a havoc has been created,”

“At least those sleepers in your photos are decently dressed. Last Friday evening when I went to the Beijing IKEA store, a lot of male shoppers I saw were topless while .”

“A sweater-knitting auntie and a granny that likes doing embroidery are frequent visitors. Some even sit inside leisurely peeling edamame beans after their grocery shopping. Scenes inside Shanghai’s IKEA store make people speechless!”

The behavior of the Chinese IKEA customers grabbed the media’s attention after photos recently taken by a blogger at a store in Nanjing went viral.

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