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New York Sandwich Shop Serves Alcoholic Sandwiches

Written on August 17, 2012 by Lulu

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The Salumé panini shop offers the world's first line of alcoholic sandwiches

There are different ways of getting drunk nowadays, besides binging on beers or drinking many shots of your favorite hard liquors like whiskey or tequila. A sandwich shop in the city of New York can get you intoxicated with their sandwich menu.

The Salumé panini shop is serving the world’s first line of , which are infused with a variety of liquors like gin or scotch. Their unique menu offers items like prosciutto & gin sandwiches, Surryano ham & rye whiskey, prosciutto & beetroot with scotch and Bulleit bourbon and ham.

The panini shop has not divulged on just how much alcohol is mixed in the sandwiches, some say that the booze is poured over the , while others say that it is “dripped”. Their prices range from $11 to $18 dollars, depending on the kind of alcoholic sandwich you have ordered.

Eat and get wasted at the same time with their line of alcholic sandwiches.

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