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Portable Coffee Brewer for People On-The-Go

Written on August 19, 2012 by Lulu

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The GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press lets you brew your coffee in a double-layered mug

Avid drinkers can now brew their own while traveling. , a family company that specializes in outdoor cookware, tableware and accessories has came up with its own .

The portable java press is double-layered mug that allows you to brew coffee as you move. It features an insulated lid that holds in temperature while brewing and serving. It is also made of a BPA-Free Carafe that is both lightweight and shatter-resistant.

The 20 fl. oz. retails for $29.95 in GSI Outdoor’s online shop and in selected retailers. Its 15 fl. oz. version will be available on Spring 2013, and is set to be sold for $19.95.

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