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Waitresses Who Wear Red Get More Tips

Written on August 05, 2012 by Lulu

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According to a study, men perceive women in red, more physically and sexually attractive

Wearing red pays if you’re a waitress. Recent studies show that they get up to 26 per cent more tips from men, when they wear red than they would if they wear a different color.

Researchers found out that men perceive women more attractive, if they are wearing red. However, this only applies to men. Women do not think the same and give the normal tip they usually give to waitresses, no matter what color they wear.

The Journal of and Tourism Research conducted a test in five restaurants. They made a six week experiment on 11 waitresses, asking them to wear the same kind of t-shirts every day, but in alternate colors.

Researchers found out that waitresses who are wearing either black, white, green, blue or yellow t-shirts get the same amount of tips from both male and female customers. However, when they are in red, their tips increased up to 15 to 26 percent from male customers, while femalesĀ  still give their usual amount of tips.

“As red color has no negative effect on women customers, it could be in their interest to wear red clothes at work.” The researchers wrote about the experiment’s effect in women.

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