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Chinese Festival Organizers Make Beggars Beg Inside Metal Cages

Written on September 20, 2012 by Lulu

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To avoid harassing visitors and risk being removed from the city, beggars are made to stay in specially-built metal cages

Festival goers from , southern are surprised to see asking for alms in specially-built metal cages. These cages were built to prevent them from harassing visitors.

The beggars have the choice to stay inside the metal cages or roam around the festival and risk being removed from city. According to a Nanchang official, the number of beggars have increased, disrupting the religious festival and distrubing people by begging for money.

This year to avoid temple visitors and travellers from feeling uncomfortable, the festival organizers, built metal cages at the festival grounds, where the beggars can stay and ask people from donations.

The organizers clarify that the beggars enter the cages voluntarily and they are not forced to beg.

“The beggars are quite comfortable in their cages, people send them food and water as gifts. In a way it is better for them there than having to find a place on the busy streets. The beggars can leave whenever they like but they have to leave the city too, they can’t go into the fair.” the organizers said.

A lot of festival visitors are appalled at the sight of the human zoo and made comments like:

“Do they want people to believe the region has no poor people and just put on a good show? These people need help. We should not be allowing them to be locked away in cages. These people are human beings too.”

“They are treating them like zoo animals. What will they have to do next – tricks for their food? This is nothing but public humiliation!”

The metal cages are reportedly so small that the beggars can’t even stand up straight to stretch their bones.

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