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Chinese Hospitals Showcase Sperm Extracting Machine

Written on September 24, 2012 by Lulu

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Automatic sperm extractors features a massage pipe in front of the machine and collects sperm while standing up.

Sperm samples can now be extracted while standing up with an Automatic sperm extracting machine. This unusual machine can be seen around different hospitals in .

The machine is used to collect sperm samples from infertile male patients. It is used by those who have difficulty retrieving sperm using the old fashioned way. It is not meant to be used for sperm donations to sperm banks.

The machine features a “massage pipe” in front of the machine. The pipe can be adjusted according to the male’s height. The speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature can also be set.

The male patient can release their sperm while standing up and they are required to wear a condom. Once turned on, the machine will play movies with surround sound at the screen found on top of the device, to get the user in right mood.

This unusual device can be bought via the Chinese e-commerce site, Alibaba.

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