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Design Firm Develops Floating Airport Concept To Ease London Airport Crowding

Written on September 11, 2012 by Lulu

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Architecture Firm, Gensler, designs an airport built on giant platforms featuring floating runways

Architecture Firm, , has designed a new   that will be situated on top of , to ease the congested air traffic at Heathrow. The proposed , named the “London Britannia Airport”, will be located at the .

The airport concept will showcase a four 5 km that will be secured to the seabed and the the final departure concourse. It will also feature marine rail tunnels that will be connected to central London and the European High Speed Rail networks. Runways can be floated in and out of the airport, for future expansion and for maintenance purposes.

It aims to lessen noise pollution to the city and save space by avoiding demolition of existing structures. By the existence of this proposed floating structure, 24 hour passenger arrival and departure is enabled, without any disruptions.

The concept airport will be energy efficient because it will produce power from its own marine turbine.

Gensler’s project director, Ian Mulcahey, talked about their design and said:

“This will be a ‘national’ infrastructure project that can inject new pace and dynamism into our economy. The airport can be quickly manufactured in the ship yards and steel works across the UK and can be floated by sea and positioned in the Estuary. This isn’t a London Airport, it is a Global Airport, designed, manufactured and built in the UK.”

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