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Norwegian Family Wins Lottery Every Time Mother Gives Birth

Written on September 26, 2012 by Lulu

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The Oksnes Family has won the national lottery jackpot three times in the last six years

A Norwegian family has won their third national jackpot in the last six years and it always happens after their family member gives birth. Hege Jeanette Oksnes, a 29-year-old mother seems to be the family’s lucky charm.

The Oksnes’ has recently earned 12.2 million crowns (S$2.6 million), which was won by Hege’s 19-year-old brother, just last week, after she gave birth to her third child. Hege and her father, respectively won 8,2 million crowns ($1,4 million) and 12 million crowns ($2,1 million) each, just hours after Hege gave birth to her first and second child.

Hege talks about their family’s good fortune and said:

“This is completely insane… we don’t even play the lottery that often.” She said.

Despite her wealth, Hege still works at a petrol station, where she serves hotdogs. She has bought new cars with her winnings and kept the rest of her money in the bank. She hopes to build her dream house after she has bought a property.

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