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Romanian Designer Makes Gold-Plated Computers For the Rich and Famous [Video]

Written on September 03, 2012 by Lulu

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Royalty inspired computers are decorated with luxurious materials like gold, marble or lapis lazuli and adorned with precious stones

Romanian electronics engineer, , designs and produces luxury and accessories, especially made for the rich and famous.

Chirita became famous in France by designing gold plated computers adorned with precious stones and marbles. His designs are inspired by French royalties and makes them in three different styles: Louis XV, Louis XVI and Empire.

Though his computers design are luxurious, Chirita doesn’t neglect its hardware. In an interview with Reuters he said:

”To bring together and create this world of ‘luxury technology’, first of all you’ve got to use the latest high- innovations, in terms of the electronic components to build a computer like that, and we also use classic French styles which are timeless styles”

His workers assemble his expensive computers in his small company’s workshop in Melun, France. They usually make use of marble and lapis lazuli to make the base of the machine and bronze and gold-plated brass to frame the monitor.

His designs usually start at the price of €17,000 ($21,000), depending on the materials used and the customer’s specifications.

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