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South Africa Government Use Biometrics To Distribute Welfare Assistance

Written on September 30, 2012 by Lulu

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South Africa Social Security Agency give out biometric welfare cards to citizens who seek for assistance

The government of South Africa through its welfare department, the South Africa Social Security Agency () has partnered with to upgrade its welfare assistance distribution system.

To avoid fraud and lessen operating costs, SASSA is distributing to South African Citizens who are seeking government assistance. The welfare debit card makes use of biometric technology to assign accounts to applicants. It makes use of fingerprints and vocal recognition.

It helps the government to “positively identify the beneficiaries of state welfare grants and provides greater convenience, safety and security for recipients.” It reduces unlawful collection of grants.

This system may be helpful to the government, however it obliges cardholders to pay an undisclosed fee to withdraw cash from their accounts.

As of this moment, there are over 3 million South Africans who have availed of the biometric card and this number is expected to triple by March 2013.

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