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GPS Enabled Dog Collar Allows Owners to Monitor Pet activity

Written on October 14, 2012 by Lulu

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GPS-enabled pet tracker, Tagg, lets pet owners know if they need to walk their dogs more often

enabled , , is a small, wireless that can be attached to any collar. It allows owners to your pet’s daily . The information can be derived online.

Pet owners can now know if they need to walk their pets more often. Its GPS tracker also allows you to see the exact location of your pet.

, President of Snaptrac, the makers of Tagg says:

“Much like the exercise journals and health records we use to help understand our own health and wellness, the data captured using the Activity feature will help owners monitor their pet’s overall activity so they can make informed decisions about their pet’s exercise routine and be alerted about changes in their pet’s activity over time.”

Pet owners can avail of the Tagg tracking system for $99.95 for the tracker itself and the service fee $7.95 per month. Additional trackers cost $0.50 per month.

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