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Japanese Women Wear Adult Diapers To Avoid Going to Comfort Rooms

Written on October 05, 2012 by Lulu

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According to reports, wearing adult diapers is now a trend among Japanese women

Gone are the days the babies and senior citizens are the ones who normally wear diapers. Today, even adult ladies are known to wear it for the wrong reasons.

According to reports from the Japanese press, wearing among is becoming popular nowadays. They wear it to avoid relieving themselves in the toilet.

An article titled, “The Ultimate Form of Slob“, describes that more women in , don’t clean their rooms and leave their underwear all over the place. Some are even to lazy to shave or wax their unwanted bodily hairs. Just to save them from the trouble of going to the comfort room to pee, most women even wear adult diapers to their work places. The magazine called these women “The ultimate slobs.”

Because of this weird trend among the Japanese women, some shops in Tokyo have placed adult diapers in women’s hygiene section.

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