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Lingerie Company Unveils Buttless and Crochless Panty Hose

Written on October 06, 2012 by Lulu

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The Frantica lingerie is sold in Japan for 365 yen per pair (US $17.39)

Summer season is a drag for busy Japanese career women. Wearing a feels like being in a sauna. Thankfully, a manufacturer has created weird looking that feels breezy when worn.

Lingerie company, , has created a pair of buttless, crotchless panty hose that was especially created to relieve Japanese women during scorching hot, summer days.

This panty hose feature circular cutouts in the back, front, and sides. Its material won’t run easily and provides UV protection to the wearer. It comes in two colors: beige and black.

It is sold in Japan for only US $17.39 (1365 yen) per pair.

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