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Sleepy Travellers Can Rest Comfortably with the UpRight Sleeper

Written on October 18, 2012 by Rudfer Tyron

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The UpRight Sleeper can be strapped around the neck and allows you to rest your chin on its frame, allowing commuters to sleep well while traveling

An American company has created a perfect device for sleepy commuters who would like to rest comfortably while travelling. The UpRight Sleeper is an odd looking device that allows you to sleep peacefully while sitting up.

It features an adjustable frame that can fit any type and size of face. All you have to do is strap the device around your neck and rest your chin on its frame and voila, you can now sleep well without breaking your neck. It prevents the head from falling forward or sideways during sleep.

It is lightweight and easy to fold up for convenient storage. It is also easy to clean and is made of an antimicrobial and latex-free material.

You can purchase it online through Skymall for US$39.99 or $46.99 with the cover and bag.


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