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Chinese Airline Subject Pilot Applicants to Body Odor Test

Written on November 07, 2012 by Lulu

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An employee from Chinese company, Hainan Airlines, is assigned to sniff the armpits of their pilot applicants

Chinese company, Hainan Airlines, became controversial after the news of their unusual applicant test for hopeful pilots was revealed.

Besides the usual mandatory requirements for their pilot applicants such as a perfect vision, a minimum height of 1.87 meters and fluency in the English language, they also require their pilots to be free from body odors.

To make sure that their future pilots all smell pleasant, applicants are all subjected to a test. An airline employee will sniff an applicant’s armpits.

One applicant was not hired, after he failed the body odor test.

“I passed everything, but I was doomed by my armpits, which are always a bit whiffy.”

When asked about their weird practice, the Airline explains:

“Our staff works very closely with the public, and no passenger wants to smell a pilot’s armpits. And if they can keep their cool min this test, they aren’t going to sweat in the cockpit.”

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