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Edible Deodorant Candy Makes You Smell Good When Eaten

Written on November 08, 2012 by Lulu

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Deo Perfume Candy contains the natural oxidant, Geraniol, that seeps in a person's pores and releases a sweet smell

Food Manufacturer, Beneo, has created a that makes a person smell good when eaten. They have partnered with Bulgarian confectioner. Alpo, to create their .

The Deo Candy is an edible deodorant that makes a person smell like sweet when ingested. It is made from rose oil, that contains the natural oxidant, , which is absorbed by the skin pores.

When eaten, the scent released by your body will smell like the relaxing fragrance of wild roses from a beautiful Bulgarian valley.

The company claims that the sweet scent will stay for up to six hours. For better results, they recommend that a person weighing 145 pounds, to eat one serving (four pieces) of the deodorant candy.

The has been available in the U.S. since August. It can be bought online from Amazon for $7.99 in standard and sugar-free flavors.

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