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Oakley Airware Goggles Allows You to Read Texts While Skiing

Written on November 04, 2012 by Lulu

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Read text messages, receive calls using your Oakley Airware Goggles

has recently launched their new “” snow goggles. It is a high-tech goggles that makes use of a , and technology. It guides skiers by providing access to information on the ski resort and mountain.

Skiers can check the distance, height, airtime and location while wearing your goggles. Additional information like altitude, speed, temperature, and vertical descent data can be also accessed.

Since it makes use of bluetooth technology, the wearer can also connect to your smartphone and answer calls and read text messages, while . They can even choose their music, without taking the goggles off.

It features a clear heads-up display that won’t distract you when your skiing. When worn, the skier can see a 14-inch display from a distance of five feet.

The Oakley Airware goggles can be bought for $600 through Apple and Oakley shops.

Check out the video below to know more about this product:

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