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Brazilian Burger Chain Makes Use of Edible Paper Wrappers [Video]

Written on December 27, 2012 by Lulu

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Customers from Bob's Fastfood chain, eat their burgers along with the edible wrapper

Bob’s, a Brazilian Fastfood chain has introduced an environment-friendly, edible paper wrappers. The looks like the normal paper-based wrappers.

During the start of the year, Harvard scientists have announced that they have developed “WikiCells” or “novel edible forms” that can be used to wrap, bottle, pack food, and “take on the flavor of whatever they contained”.

The edible wrapper was launched in Bob’s ad campaign, showcasing their burgers, that are so good that you can’t control yourself and start eating the burger without unwrapping it.

Edible packaging can help reduced the amount of food waste. In 2010, around 75 million tons of packaging waste was thrown by U.S. consumers and only half of that amount was recovered through recycling.

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