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Japan Sells DIY Pencil Puzzle Kit

Written on January 06, 2013 by Lulu

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Varacil, is a puzzle kit that allows you to assemble your own mechanical pencil

Puzzle lovers can procrastinate and get busy assembling their own pencil with , a “ Plastic Puzzle Kit”. The kit is manufactured by Japanese toymaker, As If Toy.

Once you open the box, you will see around 22 plastic parts. The pieces don’t have to be glued. You can just snap it together and it can be completely assembled in around 40-50 minutes.

A representative from As if Toy, says:
“The pencil can certainly be used to write with, but the body is very uneven and is prone to bending. This item shouldn’t be relied on as a main pencil and should instead be used occasionally when you want something fun to write with,”

The Varacil is sold for only 945 yen or US $10.90.

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