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Special Device Help Prevent Suddent Infant Death

Written on January 10, 2013 by Lulu

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The breathing sensor created by Researchers in Berlin can be embedded in infant clothing

Researchers from Germany’s IZM in Berlin has developed a new breathing sensor system that help prevent Syndrome ().

This system can be embedded in infant romper suits. It features a made of . The special circuit board fits to the the contours of an infant’s body and can alert the parents in case the baby stops breathing.

The researchers also adds that this special device may be produced using “routine industrial processes”, which means that once it is available in the market, it would be affordable to consumers.

IZM scientist Manuel Seckel said:

“The circuit board we have developed can be manufactured using routine industrial processes, meaning a high throughput and, consequently, good cost-efficiency. Furthermore, components can be positioned on it just as precisely as on a standard board thanks to the stability of the stretchable substrate during processing. This stands in contrast to textile-based electronics, where one can expect an offset of up to five millimeters over a half-meter area.”

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